Book: Romans

: Great Love

April 7, 2023
Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our Lenten/Easter series "Good News" in this Good Friday message about the great love Jesus showed us in his death on the cross.

: Made Right

March 19, 2023
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Lenten/Easter series, "Good News."   It is the greatest delight to stand before our Lord, forgiven and free. Jesus made that possible by what he…

: One Man

February 26, 2023
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our “Good News” sermon series.   The season of Lent is upon us. It is that season of forty days, less Sundays, leading up to Easter.…

: Minds on Mission

October 16, 2022
Pastor Ashlee Adkins and Pastor Tom Grieb continue our series based on the visions and values of Saint John.   This week we discuss our value of being mission-minded. As…

: Changed by Christ

September 12, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our discipleship series, "unhurried." As Christian disciples, we can very well expect our lives to be different. We can expect God to be at work to…

: Hope for Eternity

May 30, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our series "Emerging. Nobody said it would be easy. We know from experience that life can be hard. We know that circumstances can get to us.…

: Love Poured Out

May 23, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series, "Emerging." It’s all too easy to get parched when it comes to our spiritual lives. Considering all we have faced over the past year…