Topic: Jesus Christ

: Lay Down Your Plans

April 15, 2022
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Lenten/Easter series with a message entitled "Lay Down Your Plans" as we remember Jesus' death on the cross for our redemption.

: Peace

April 19, 2020
Pastor Ashlee Adkins concludes our series "According to Luke." Here we are friends, on the other side of Easter.  We have celebrated and rejoiced the resurrection of our Savior, so…

: Dead and Buried

April 10, 2020
Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series "According to Luke" with a Good Friday meditation.

: Identity

March 22, 2020
Pastor Tom continues our sermon series "According to Luke." “Who am I?” is one of the fundamental questions of life.  Our identities are tied up into so many things.  This week…

: Plenty to Eat

September 1, 2019
Pastor Tom Grieb preaches a stand-alone message, "Plenty to Eat." There is one miracle that is recorded in all four gospels.  It is a miracle about God’s great provision.  The…

: Loving Everyone

August 25, 2019
Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our series “Making a Difference.” In our church’s Vision Statement, we sayabout ourselves that we will be a people who will “make a difference by following…