Pastor Tom Grieb and Pastor Ashlee Adkins continue our Lenten/Easter series "Good News."


Palm Sunday commemorates the day of Christ’s Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem right before his death. People gathered to celebrate a man they understood to be the Messiah. In the minds of many they understood Jesus to be a sort of conquering hero who would free them from Roman domination. Jesus would free them all right, but not from Roman domination. The freedom he offered was from the weight of sin. His death on the cross all but sealed it.


Today we consider the redemption that is ours in Jesus. Jesus redeems us from the slavery of sin that holds us captive. Jesus pays the price for that sin and frees us to be the sort of people he wants us to be. Our scripture is Romans 8:1-2.

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Passage: Romans 8:1-2

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