Speaker: Pastor Tom Grieb

: A Baby’s Birth

December 24, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb brings a Christmas message in our "Images of Christmas" sermon series.

: A Father’s Faith

December 12, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Images of Christmas." In the minds of some, Joseph the earthly father of Jesus gets lost in the shuffle; not so with me. Joseph…

: A Mother’s Prayer

December 5, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series “Images of Christmas.”  It is good to give God praise.  It is good to glorify his name.  God is worthy of our praise.  His…

: Partnership in Giving

November 21, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our Partnership series. This morning we will celebrate our “partnership” together and, in particular, our “Partnership in Giving.” We will be studying Philippians 4:14-20 where we…

: Partnership in Contentment

November 14, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Partnership." Paul lets us in on a little secret. No, it really is a big secret. It’s the sort of secret that has everything…

: Partnership in the Gospel

November 7, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb begins our series "Partnership," based on Philippians. The Apostle Paul had a deep love affair with the church in Philippi. He was deeply appreciative of the support…

: Cornelius

October 24, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series, "Storyline." Those in the armed forces are used to taking orders. It just comes with the territory. For many, taking orders is not the…