: Moving Forward

June 18, 2023

Pastor Tom Grieb completes our series "By Faith"

If you will allow me Sunday, I have pulled together a couple of real-life ministry experiences that will go right along with what we have been talking about the past few weeks.  I look forward to continuing our study of what it means to live by faith.  While my faith is by no means perfect, it has been the very thing that has kept me connected to God who has led me through the entirety of my life.

I can’t believe I am writing this, but after 45 years of ministry I will be preaching my last sermon on Sunday, at least as an appointed pastor.  I am a full believer though that all of us are the only sermon some will ever see, me included.  In that regard, I look very much forward to continuing my “preaching” ministry.

To say thanks for your love and support these past five years does not come close to expressing my feelings for you and my beloved Saint John.  It has been my esteemed honor to serve alongside you in the name of Christ.  In a word, I love you deeply.

God bless, Tom Grieb

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Passage: Hebrews 12:1-2

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