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St John Preschool is an outreach ministry of St John United Methodist Church. We believe each child is a unique individual created by God.  Our goal is to encourage confident, independent learners.

St John Preschool takes a Christian Based/Thematic approach, implementing developmentally appropriate activities.  Curriculum is driven by developmental checklists (aligned with the Kentucky Standards), and is teacher-generated from many resources, including: preschool Bibles, NAEYC guidelines, Handwriting Without Tears, Singapore Math, children’s literature, resource texts, and Internet sources.  Toddler programs are organized play groups incorporating developmentally appropriate skills and activities.

Teacher/Student Ratios

  • Toddlers have class sizes of 6 students with 2 staff.
  • Twos have class sizes of 8-10 students with 2 staff.
  • Threes have class sizes of 8-12 students with 1 or 2 staff.
  • Fours have class sizes of 8-16 students with 1-2 staff.
  • Fives have class sizes of 24 with 3 staff.

Preschool Registration Fees

  • 2 day programs, $185
  • 3 day programs, $210
  • 4 day programs, $235
  • Junior Kindergarten, $260
  • Kindergarten, $400

* Registration fees are non-refundable

2022-2023 Preschool Tuition

  • 2 Day Program: Toddlers, Twos & Threes
    9 Payment Rate $285 ($2,565/year), 3 Payment Rate $829.35 ($2,488.05/year)
  • 3 Day Program: Threes & Fours
    9 Payment Rate $335 ($3,015/year), 3 Payment Rate $974.85 ($2,924.55/year)
  • 4 Day Program: Threes & Fours
    9 Payment Rate $395 ($3,555/year), 3 Payment Rate $1,149.45 ($3,448.35/year)
  • Junior Kindergarten (4 day)
    9 Payment Rate $410 ($3,690/year), 3 Payment Rate $1,193.10, ($3,579.30/year)
  • Kindergarten (4 day)
    9 Payment Rate $610 ($5,490/year), 3 Payment Rate $1775.10, ($5,325.30/year

Preschool Dates and Times of Operation

Classes begin in late August and end mid May.  The preschool is in session Monday thru Thursday from 9am – noon.


Monday – Thursday


Monday – Thursday
9am – 2pm

Optional extended day program

An optional extended day program is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from noon to 2pm.  The fee is $15/day ($14 if paid quarterly or annually).  Academic extended day is available for Four-Year-Olds and  Junior Kindergarten students.  The fee is $20 per day.