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Suit Up

October 25, 2020
Pastor Ashlee Adkins concludes our series "Well-Connected."We all know how typical superhero movies go: there’s a villain, a superhero,  maybe a couple of good Samaritans that somehow get into the…

Grow Up

October 18, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Well-Connected."God’s every desire is for us to mature in the faith.  That sort of thing comes from a lifelong journey of relationship with Christ. …

Build Up

October 11, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Well-Connected."In the quest to “live a live worthy of the calling we have received” we’d do well to consider how Christ is shaping us…

Huddle Up

October 4, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb begins our new series "Well-Connected."The Apostle Paul urges us to live a life worth living.  He writes in Ephesians 4:1, “I urge you to live a life…

Thy Kingdom Come

September 27, 2020
Guest Speaker Will Partin of G.O. Ministries wraps up our series "inside OUT."This sermon series has challenged us to keep our focus outward.  Inside/out is a rhythm for every Christian. …

Set Apart

September 20, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "inside OUT."The church in Antioch took seriously the responsibility of sending people out.   In the case of Paul and Barnabas, they not only recognized…

Do As Jesus Did

September 13, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "inside OUT."When it comes to the Kingdom, it is always harvest time.  There are always those around us who are “ripe for the harvest,”…

Your Part

September 6, 2020
Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series "inside OUT."Paul has a way of delivering humble pie through his letters. And he doesn’t disappoint in the first letter to the Corinthians either.…

It Really Matters

August 30, 2020
Mike & Sherri of Thailand Now continue our series "inside OUT." The Morrisseys have served in Thailand for a number of years and share their experience.


August 23, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "inside OUT." We are challenging ourselves these days with the word, “out.”  We know from scripture that our gaze always needs to be “out.” …
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