Topic: Christmas

: Son

December 24, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Advent/Christmas series "Signs."The birth of Jesus meant many things to many people when it happened and continues to do so today.  How do you respond?

: Birth

December 20, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Advent/Christmas series "Signs."The Prophet Isaiah brings “good news of great joy” about the coming Messiah seven hundred years before the Messiah comes.  Isaiah prophesies that…

: Family

December 22, 2019
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series Christmas Outside the Box. Doing Christmas outside the box might not be the easiest thing to do.  For good and for bad, we are…

: Worship

December 15, 2019
Christmas is a time for song.  The songs of the season uplift us to no end.  They immediately take us back to Christmases past.  They help us celebrate Christmas present. …

: Relationships

December 8, 2019
Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series "Christmas Outside the Box." Christmas is the time of year when we reconnect and spend time with family members and old friends. But are…

: Community

December 1, 2019
Pastor Tom Grieb begins our sermon series "Christmas Outside the Box." The season is quickly approaching, the season of Advent and Christmas.  We look forward every year to hearing about…

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