Topic: Jesus

: Fulfillment

December 27, 2020
Pastors Tom Grieb and Ashlee Adkins conclude our Advent/Christmas series "Signs."They talk about Christ's fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah's prophecy that he would be the one to bring good news…

: Son

December 24, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Advent/Christmas series "Signs."The birth of Jesus meant many things to many people when it happened and continues to do so today.  How do you respond?

: On the Rock

June 7, 2020
Pastor Ashlee Adkins begins our new series "From the Mount." In the sermon on the mount, Jesus took the opportunity to teach his disciples and the crowd.  What he offers…

: Strangely Warmed

April 12, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our sermon series "According to Luke." This is a season of great celebration.  The fact that Jesus is risen from the dead gives us all hope…

: Hosannas

April 5, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "According to Luke." The day of Christ’s Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem was a great day of celebration.  Loud “hosannas” were voiced.  “Blessed is the…

: Cross Bearing

March 29, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "According to Luke." Most of us like everything all nice, neat, and planned out.  Surprises aren’t always easy.  Adjustment takes a tremendous amount of…

: According to Luke: Struggle

March 8, 2020
Pastor Tom continues our series "According to Luke." With the cross looming, Jesus took to praying.  He wanted to pray.  He needed to pray.  His struggle was that real.  While…