: Strangely Warmed

April 12, 2020

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our sermon series "According to Luke."

This is a season of great celebration.  The fact that Jesus is risen from the dead gives us all hope for this life and the next.  The triumph of Christ over death gives us the power to triumph over whatever comes our way, even the Covid-19 virus.  I think that when all of this started, we thought that certainly by Easter the coronavirus would have been a distant memory and we would have been able to go on.  All of us longed for the day when we would gather to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday.  We so looked forward to singing together the songs of Easter and hearing yet again the message of the grand good news that Christ is risen indeed.  Alas, we will not be together this Sunday, save for the deep bonds of faith that hold us together.

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Passage: Luke 24:28-35

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