Topic: hope

: Encouragement

August 1, 2021
Pastors Tom Grieb and Ashlee Adkins continue our "Majoring in the Minors" series. We turn to the rebuilding of the temple. I can imagine what a wonderful process this was,…

: Hope for Eternity

May 30, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our series "Emerging. Nobody said it would be easy. We know from experience that life can be hard. We know that circumstances can get to us.…

: Hope for Today

April 18, 2021
Pastor Ashlee Adkins begins our new series, "Emerging."With springtime, comes new blooms and new growth. Not only for nature, but for us. We grow and become who God has called…

: Offering Hope

August 11, 2019
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our sermon series "Making a Difference." It seems as though hope is in short supply these days with all the depressing news that floods us on…

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