: Minds on Mission

Pastor Ashlee Adkins and Pastor Tom Grieb continue our series based on the visions and values of Saint John.


This week we discuss our value of being mission-minded. As a church whose mind is on mission, we abide in Christ by always staying aware of where God is calling us to join him in the kingdom work he is doing.


We will be studying Romans 10 where Paul writes to the church to emphasize their crucial mission: to be God’s people who live for and preach specifically about Jesus so people can call out to him and know him, then go out and do the same themselves. It’s an important evangelical piece of theology that strikes to the core of who we are called to be: a people who serve others in love, but in Jesus’ name and to his glory.


Even though there is lots of bad and evil in the world, there is also lots of kindness and goodness. The question is, are we—Christ’s disciples—living out the good things of God while also professing we are doing so in Jesus’ name for his glory?

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Passage: Romans 10:13-15

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