Topic: missions

: Go!

January 9, 2022
Will Partin, President of GO Ministries, updates us on the discipleship efforts at GO Ministries, shares about his new responsibilities there, and encourages us to “go” as the Lord leads.

: Isaiah

October 3, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our "Storyline" series and Don Dugan shares his testimony about missions. God is all about leading us beyond where we are to the very place, he…

: Samuel

September 26, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb begins our new series, "Storyline." Everyone has a story. Our stories are impacted by how God may be forming and fashioning our lives. Over the next few…

: Service

January 24, 2021
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Old Habits/New Habits."Since the beginning of the year, we have considered some of the classic spiritual disciplines; namely, prayer, Bible study, and worship.  A…

: Thy Kingdom Come

September 27, 2020
Guest Speaker Will Partin of G.O. Ministries wraps up our series "inside OUT."This sermon series has challenged us to keep our focus outward.  Inside/out is a rhythm for every Christian. …

: Set Apart

September 20, 2020
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "inside OUT."The church in Antioch took seriously the responsibility of sending people out.   In the case of Paul and Barnabas, they not only recognized…

: It Really Matters

August 30, 2020
Mike & Sherri of Thailand Now continue our series "inside OUT." The Morrisseys have served in Thailand for a number of years and share their experience.