: Thy Kingdom Come

September 27, 2020

Guest Speaker Will Partin of G.O. Ministries wraps up our series "inside OUT."

This sermon series has challenged us to keep our focus outward.  Inside/out is a rhythm for every Christian.  As we tend to things inside, we find ourselves at a much better place to be concerned about things “outside.”  As our relationship with Christ grows, our ability to relate to others grows as well.  We will find ourselves so much more effective in seeking to further God’s Kingdom, whether it be near or far.

And speaking of “far,” today we hear from Will Partin as he delivers the message.  Will grew up at Saint John and for over a decade has been doing wonderful ministry in the Dominican Republic through G.O. Ministries.  Will clearly exemplifies what it means to live inside/out.

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Passage: Jeremiah 31:33-34

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