Topic: family

: Love Defined

May 29, 2022
Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our “Home Construction” series.   Throughout this series we've talked about the importance of love in family.  Last week we focused on I Corinthians 13 where…

: A Mother’s Love

May 8, 2022
Pastor Tom Grieb begins a new series entitled "Home Construction."   Mother’s Day is always an important time to consider our families and how we might do better when it…

: Others over Isolation

May 10, 2020
Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series "Overcomers." "Let love be genuine."  Paul shared these words with the Roman Christians to help them understand they were to love others as God…

: Family

December 22, 2019
Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series Christmas Outside the Box. Doing Christmas outside the box might not be the easiest thing to do.  For good and for bad, we are…

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