: Focused on Family

September 25, 2022

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our "Making a Difference" series based on the visions and values of Saint John.


This week we find ourselves back in prison. We spoke briefly last week about Paul and Silas being freed from the jail in Philippi by a well-timed earthquake. The earthquake not only got Paul and Silas’ attention but also that of the jailer. He was about to take his own life when Paul and Silas intervened. The man asked how he could be saved, and Paul and Silas told him to believe in Jesus. The man was saved that day and was so touched that he got his family involved as well. The whole household was baptized, and we can only imagine that they became an important part of the Philippian Church.


Today we consider not only the new life that came to the Philippian jailer, but to his entire family. The jailer was focused not just on Jesus, but on family was well. The same is true for us as a church. We are focused on Jesus and on family, both our own families and those in our community. That focus is a part of our identity and is important when it comes to reaching out in the name of Christ.

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Passage: Acts 16:25-34

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