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: Faith In God

March 10, 2024
Today, we're going to explore the significant themes of faith, doubt, and the unwavering nature of God's love and power as we navigate the storms of life. Together, let's dive…

: Eternal Judgement

March 3, 2024
In today’s sermon, we will explore the Great White Throne Judgment described in Revelation 20:11-15. We will first observe the scene of the judgment, then interpret its meaning, and finally,…

: Conquering the Works of the Flesh

February 25, 2024
According to Jesus, truth is a central concept in the teachings of Christianity. In the Bible, Jesus declares, "I am the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6), emphasizing…

: Free Will

February 18, 2024
Today, we gather to explore the profound gift of free will that God has bestowed upon us. It is a gift that comes with immense power and responsibility, shaping not…

: Original Sin

February 11, 2024
As we gather today, we embark on a journey to explore the foundational doctrines that underpin our faith. Through this sermon series, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of…

: Sacrificial Discipleship

February 4, 2024
Main Points: Denying Self and Taking Up the Cross Counting the Cost of Discipleship Embracing Sacrifice for the Sake of the Gospel Quote: "No one can be a disciple of…

: Boldly Sharing The Gospel

January 28, 2024
We believe in making a difference by following Christ, offering hope, serving others, and loving everyone. Let us know you were here by checking in on the St John UMC…

: Growing in Love

January 21, 2024
Pastor Ashlee Adkins and Rev. Dr. Iosmar Alvarez have an informational session that will update and inform the congregation of new and exciting developments.

: The Moral of the Story

January 14, 2024
Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our sermon series reflecting on Mark 12:30-31. As we rethink church and relaunch our congregation, let us focus on growing in love. Let love be the…

: Embracing God’s Timing

January 7, 2024
Rev. Dr. Iosmar Alvarez starts a new sermon series Rethinking Church: Embracing Change and Growth. The Prophet Habakkuk exhorts us with powerful words of trust and hope in God's perfect…
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