: Witnesses Near and Far

August 16, 2020

Pastor Ashlee Adkins starts our new series "inside OUT."

We all have stories to tell. Whether they are funny, inspiring, exciting, and adventurous; or stories that are personal, lighthearted, difficult; or stories about our families, our friends, some that are true and some that may be exaggerated (a little). The most important story we have to tell however, is one of truth. One that is deeply ours and a part of HIStory. A story about true, unconditional love that is vast, deep, and grace-filled. The story about Jesus and about our experience of him and the great love he shares with us.

This Sunday, we kick-off a new series called, inside OUT. A series that will challenge us to live boldly and outwardly so that his light will shine through our words and our actions.

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Passage: Acts 1:6-8

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