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December 15, 2019

Christmas is a time for song.  The songs of the season uplift us to no end.  They immediately take us back to Christmases past.  They help us celebrate Christmas present.  We come by all of this honestly.  Songs are sung throughout the account of Christ’s birth.  Luke alone has four songs listed in telling the story of Christ’s birth.  Mary sings, Zechariah sings, the angels sing, and Simeon sings—all offering praise to God.  Singing at Christmas or any other time during the year helps us express what we can’t otherwise.  Singing is a wonderful way to worship God.  It is good to offer our praises his way.

We look forward to celebrating the season with song this Sunday.  In the midst of the singing, we will also be taking a close look at the song Mary sang in anticipation of Christ’s birth found in Luke 1:46-55.

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Passage: Luke 1:46-55

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