: Mercy

October 6, 2019

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Life Songs."

You’ve heard it said that what’s done in secret has a way of coming to light.  That’s another way of saying that our sin has a way of catching up with us.  Try as we might, we can’t escape the consequences of what we’ve done.  The light of God has a way of exposing the darkness of our lives.  God doesn’t just leave us there, but seeks to make things whole.  His every desire is to offer mercy and the forgiveness that comes along with that.

We see that sort of thing no more clearly than in what David writes in Psalm 51.  David, with contrite heart, seeks the mercy of God.  He realizes that in the end he had sinned against God and the only remedy for that was God’s forgiveness.  David came on bended knee.  He laid himself prostrate before the Lord and poured out his heart.  David knew he had to get things right with God before he could ever begin to make get things right with others.  David had lived with the guilt of his wrongdoing for far too long.  He had gotten to such a desperate place that he could do no other but turn to God.

We read in Psalm 51 the deep lament of one who was truly sorry.  That contrition helped David confront what he had done and paved the way for God to heal his heart.

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Passage: Psalm 51:1-12

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