: A Father’s Faith

December 12, 2021

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Images of Christmas." In the minds of some, Joseph the earthly father of Jesus gets lost in the shuffle; not so with me. Joseph plays an important role in the birth of Christ. He also figures heavily in Christ’s early years. Joseph was quick to be present, looked to support and always to protect the precious gift that was Jesus. He is an inspiration for us all and a wonderful example of what it means to love those who are in our families. Joseph is also a great inspiration when it comes to living a life of faith. He sought to be faithfully obedient to what God asked him to do. Despite the challenges that presented themselves in and around Christ’s birth and later during his early years, Joseph remained faithful. He teaches us, above all, that acting faithfully is not only the way of Christmas, but the way God wants us to live the whole of life.

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Passage: Matthew 1:18-24

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