: Well Planted

September 15, 2019

Pastor Tom Grieb begins our sermon series "Life Songs" based on the Book of Psalms.  The Psalms have a way of engaging us.  They have a way of touching us right where we live.  They help us express what we are feeling.  They have a way of stirring heart and mind.

We start this Sunday right at the beginning with Psalm 1.  Psalm 1 offers two  images that contrast “the two ways” we can live our lives.  The first is that of a tree planted by streams of water.  It is well-rooted.  And because of its proximity to water is well-sustained.  This is the way of those who seek to follow the God’s way.  The second of the images is that of chaff blown in the wind.  The chaff was regularly separated from the grain by tossing it into the wind and letting it fly off.  Quite often it was gathered and burned.  This is the way of those who fail to seek God’s way for their lives.  They are left tossed about not only by the prevailing winds of the day, but their own inclinations.

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Passage: Psalm 1

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