: Sowing and Reaping

November 15, 2020

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "The Grace of Giving."

You have heard the expression, “You reap what you sow.”  That is certainly true for those in agriculture.  If a farmer doesn’t sow, then that farmer won’t have much of a crop.  In everyday life, if we sow seeds of discontent, anger, and malice, then the return will be the same.  Divisions will abound and hatred will prevail.  On the other hand, if we sow seeds of love, harmony, and peace, then those things will begin to take root. 

The adage, “you reap what you sow” holds true when it comes to giving.  When we sow the seeds of generosity, good things begin to happen.  Not only are others helped and supported, but our hearts are warmed with the knowledge that we have engaged in the privilege of making a difference.  When we give generously to the ministry of the church, we know that the return is many-fold.  In a word, God’s Kingdom is furthered.  When we sow generously the potential for a great harvest is real, and like giving in other ways, our hearts will be warmed.  When we give to the things of God’s Kingdom our focus becomes less on ourselves and more so on God.  We find ourselves freed from the hold of our possessions, which become wholly dedicated to God in response to his many blessings.

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Passage: II Corinthians 9:6-11

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