: Rest

February 27, 2022

Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our Fruitfulness series.


Every seven years the Hebrews would celebrate what was called the Sabbath Year.  For six years they would till the land, plant it, and reap the harvest.  The seventh year they would let the land lie fallow.  Only what grew voluntarily could be gathered for food.  The Sabbath Year was a firm reminder of the rhythm of rest God desires for his creation.


Upon creating the heavens and earth and all that fills them, God worked six days and on the seventh he rested.  That stands as an example of what we are to do as well.  We are left to consider how that will play out in our lives bearing in mind that rest is God’s will.  God knows that without rest we will be much like the field that is never given a chance to lie fallow.  Eventually, we will simply stop bearing fruit.

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Passage: Leviticus 25:1-7

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