: Part 3: Leaving a Legacy

May 26, 2019

Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our series, "Family Matters."

In a very real way, life is a matter of building a legacy.  We are keenly aware of that as we approach Memorial Day.  We can build our legacy for the good or the not so good.   It’s a matter of choice.  There is no legacy that is as far-reaching as a legacy of faithfulness to God.  It pays dividends not only for this life, but the next.
I had a friend one day say, “You never know where your influence will stop.”  While our influence might reach far and wide, we can certainly affirm its effect at home.  The way we live our lives has great influence upon those we love the most.
In that regard, I am mindful of the faithful influence of Timothy’s mother and grandmother as recorded in II Timothy 1:5.  The influence of Lois, his grandmother, and Eunice, his mothe,r helped to bring about a living faith in the life of young Timothy.  Their willingness to lean into Timothy helped to form and fashion him.  That legacy of love was not lost on Paul as he writes II Timothy.
Ours should be a legacy of love as well, particularly in family.  We do well to shine with the light of Christ every opportunity we have.

Passage: II Timothy 1:3-7

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