: Our Shepherd

September 29, 2019

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our sermon series "Life Songs."

The 23rd Psalm is one of the most beloved scriptures in all the Bible.  It is familiar to almost anyone who has studied the scripture and even to some who haven’t.   The 23rd Psalm is often recited, if not wholly memorized.  It strikes a chord that touches us to the very depth of our souls.  It addresses the deep need we have for God and how God seeks to oblige that need with his undying love.

A recognition of God as shepherd puts us to thinking about the One who is the true guide of our lives.  Recognizing ourselves as his sheep puts us to considering just how much we need him.  We can all be thankful that “the Lord is our Shepherd” and in him “we shall not want.”  He seeks to meet our every need.  It comes to us to follow him in that.

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Passage: Psalm 23

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