: Lay Down Your Worries

March 20, 2022

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Lenten/Easter series with a message entitled "Lay Down Your Worries."


The disciples were caught wringing their hands upon hearing the call to feed the 5,000 who had gathered along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. It had been a long day for everyone. The disciples were content to send the multitude away to fend for themselves. Jesus, on the other hand, wanted to make sure their needs were well-tended to.


As the disciples wondered out loud how they would ever be able to pull off such a feat, Jesus took things into his own hands. He asked the disciples what food they had found among the crowd. “Five loaves and two fish” was all there was. As we have said often, a little in the hands of Jesus is a lot. The disciples only saw the challenges. Jesus, on the other hand, saw the possibilities. He took the meager offering and divided it among the crowd. Miraculously, everyone ate to the full, with twelve basketsful left over. All the worry and fretting the disciples did was seen for what it was, nothing more than worrying and fretting. Jesus provided and did so miraculously.


In our worrying and fretting we would do well to remember the One who seeks to provide. Join us as we take a close look at the Feeding of the 5,000 from Mark 6:30-44 and how we too can lay down our worry and let Christ do his thing.

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Passage: Mark 6:30-44

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