: Good Seed

January 23, 2022

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Fruitfulness series with a message about another parable.


Gardening takes a lot of work. It left unattended, a garden will spring up with weeds all over the place. Any gardener worth their salt will make sure those weeds don’t get a chance to take hold.


In his Parable of the Weeds Jesus has a good deal to say about the final judgement. He also speaks about judging others. More importantly, he addresses the idea of letting him tend to the fields of our lives. With his help, we’d do well to tend to the “weeds” that have a way of springing up and robbing us of the fruitfulness that God wants for our lives. The seed of God’s Kingdom is good in every way. It is the seed of the world we need to be wary of.

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Passage: Matthew 13:36-43

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