: Gleaning

February 20, 2022

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Fruitfulness."


The practice of gleaning is centuries old. It was very much a part of law for the Hebrews. Farmers were to leave a portion of their fields unharvested so the poor might access them and have something to eat. Gleaning was a way to be generous. It was an expression of holiness and a very clear way to recognize God’s benevolence and generosity.


The practice of gleaning leads us to think about how we are leaving room on the margins for those in need. It leads us to consider our own generosity. Sure, that sort of thing has to do with money, but it also causes us to consider how we are offering ourselves so that others might benefit. There are all sorts of ways to do that, both near and far.

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Passage: Deuteronomy 24:19-22

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