Ashlee Adkins

Hi y’all! I am Ashlee Adkins, Associate Pastor here at St John. I am so glad to “virtually” introduce myself and am excited you are learning more about our church! I joined this great community in June of 2019 along with my husband Chris and our daughter, Summitt Jene. In January of 2020, we welcomed our second daughter, Collins Jo. As Associate Pastor, I wear different hats – from assisting in our mission and outreach programs to preaching and singing, and leading our young adult ministries. I have always had a passion to share the love of Jesus Christ with others and am thankful for his grace and love that has transformed my heart (though there is still much work to do – did I mention I am also thankful that God is patient and understands my humanity?)!

Some of my favorite things are traveling with my family to explore new places and try new foods, playing any sport (though basketball and volleyball are my favorites), and reading. I love a good plate of biscuits and gravy (anytime!) and enjoy eating outside with beautiful Kentucky scenery when weather allows!

Again, welcome, and grace and peace to you!×225.jpeg


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