: Sacrificial Discipleship

February 4, 2024

Main Points:

  1. Denying Self and Taking Up the Cross
  2. Counting the Cost of Discipleship
  3. Embracing Sacrifice for the Sake of the Gospel

Quote: "No one can be a disciple of Christ without being willing to imitate Him in his suffering." - Thomas à Kempis

Conclusion: As we rethink the church and our role as disciples, let us embrace sacrificial discipleship. May we deny ourselves, count the cost, and be willing to imitate Christ in His suffering for the sake of the Gospel.

Prayer: Gracious Father, give us the strength and courage to take up our crosses and follow Jesus. Help us understand the cost of discipleship and empower us to embrace sacrificial living for the sake of the Gospel. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Passage: Luke 9:23-24

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