: Rest for Your Soul

Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series "Emerging."

These days, when someone mentions rest, a common response is, “Rest? What is that?” Most of us struggle to find the time to rest and when we do, it seems a struggle to actually enjoy it. Forty percent of American workers feel overworked. Half of all workers feel they have too much work to finish in a typical week. Two-thirds report not having enough time to spend with their spouse, and three-fourths report not having enough time with their children. Even seniors, who could be thought of as teachers of rest, actually feel flattened by all the tasks they need and want to do in a day’s time.

So, what is this rest I speak of? How do we find time for it? And when/if we do, how do we actually allow ourselves to enjoy it? I’ll give you a hint  – it’s all about Jesus.

Passage: Matthew 11:28-30

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