Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series, "Champions of the Church."

Scripture doesn’t tell us much about Cornelius, but what we do know is vital to early church history and the spread of Christianity. Cornelius was a God-fearing, faithful man but he was also a Gentile and a Roman soldier. Thankfully, God favored Cornelius and his care for those less fortunate and so he called Cornelius to an even deeper faith by having him seek Simon Peter, one of the twelve disciples, to speak to his household. And as a result, not only was Cornelius baptized but so was his household.

Cornelius’ story challenges all of us. Have we allowed our faith to be out loud and transformational? Have we lived with the type of faith that speaks when no one else will and acts when no one else wants to?
We’ll be talking about Cornelius’s faith and the obstacles the Holy Spirit assisted in overcoming that allowed him to pave the road that welcomed Gentiles to Christianity and changed the history of the church.

Passage: Acts 10:1-8

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