: From here…to there…

July 23, 2023

One of my favorite songs is, Wayfaring Stranger.” The first lines begin, “I am a poor wayfaring stranger; While traveling through this world of woe.” It’s true. We are strangers in this world, set apart from the brokenness, but once in it.

We are now set apart because we have been adopted into God’s family by declaring our faith in him. His inheritance is our inheritance. That means, even though stated in this favorite song of mine, we aren’t poor. On the contrary, we are mighty rich. Rich in the characteristics of God.

So why is it we struggle to experience those things fully in our lives? What do we need to do? Surely, God’s given us an answer.

I can’t wait to talk about this with you on Sunday as we take a look at living wholly in a broken world.

Grace and peace, Ashlee

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Passage: Ephesians 1:4-5; 11-14

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