: Exploring The Origins of The Church of God

October 15, 2023

This week Rev. Dr. Iosmar Alvarez begins our new sermon series “Foundations”. Do you ever wonder what makes the Church so special? Additionally, what is the role of the church in the world? Furthermore, why do we gather in this sacred place week after week, and why do we entrust our spiritual growth and well-being to its leaders? However, today, we will be inspired and challenged by the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:17-19 to understand the significance of the Church and its authority. Moreover, we gather to reflect upon an important truth: the True Church is founded on Christ alone. In a world where attractiveness and external appeal often overshadow the essence of our faith, we must be vigilant in holding fast to the firm foundation of the Scriptures. Consequently, let us turn to Matthew 16:17-19 as our guiding text and examine the hallmarks of the True Church.

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Passage: Matthew 16:17-19

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