Prayer Requests

To add a prayer request either for our pastoral staff or for this published list, you may click the link below. 
Of course, you are always welcome to contact the church staff directly!


For Those in Grief and Loss

Harold “Skip” Cleveland Jr. upon his death on November 10, father to Jib Cleveland.
Robert Thoney upon his death on November 13 at age 100, grandfather to Scott Walz.
Donna Aros upon her death on November 15, sister-in-law to Diane Belt.
Judy Reid upon her death on November 26, sister to Michael Belt.

Families of the Week

Michael & Kathy Adams, Amber Gonya & Stevie Banks, Jim & Connie Hall, Janet Mattern, Dennis Miller

Mission & Outreach of the Week

Habitat for Humanity

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)
GO Ministries (Will & Audrey Partin)
Operation Christmas Child

Concern, Comfort, & Healing

Lynsey Wilson
Patti Whonsetler
Pat Olthuis
Connie Hall
Larry Eckert
Dave Amrein
Jack Apple
Susan Tompkins
Robby Consenza
Shelly Nivens

Brenda Stone
Minerva Caverly
Jane Caverly
Charlotte Grieb
Edgar Hartmann
Greg Lemanski
Bryan Van Houten
Betty Lou Gibson
Prudy Newton

Ashley Dillingham
Dorothy Gehring
Alex Lhotsky
Galen Loofbourrow
Joy Batson
Jackie Scherer
Tamara Smith
Sue Towles
Jeanena Spencer
Deanna Spencer

Military & Those Overseas

Ryan Cantrell
Tyler Cantrell
Dannie Coddington
Michael Esposito
Carsten Fletcher

Chris Force
John Fort
Chris Kehr
Amy & Michael Larger
Joshua Moretto

Dmitry Nedelin
Malachi Pyle
Mason Rice
Alec Valentine
Chris Wardlaw
Andrew Pennybaker