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I am excited to return to St John after being away for some 24 years.  Cheryl and I remember fondly our years at St John when the church was just getting started.  We return to find a church that is just as vibrant and intent on serving Christ.  St John has always had an interest in connecting with its community.

Cheryl and I have been married since 1980—my how the time has flown!  We are proud of our two sons, Brian and John, and their families.  Our oldest, Brian, serves at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.  He and his wife, Cassie, have two daughters, Charlotte and Margaret.  Our youngest, John, is a biology teacher at South Oldham High School. He and his wife, Lauren, have two sons, Henry and Owen.  One of the great delights of our lives is that we are able to worship with them every Sunday at St John.

I enjoy running.  It offers a great opportunity to re-create.  Some of my best times of prayer happen when I’m running.