: Provision over Scarcity

May 3, 2020

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series "Overcomers."

God is the great provider.  In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I hope you are experiencing that.  For my own life, I have found that God always provides—just enough, just in time.  Scripturally, God’s provision was evident at the testing of Abraham when God provided the ram when Abraham thought he would be sacrificing his son, Isaac.  God provided for the Children of Israel in sending manna while they were in the wilderness.  God provided for Elijah and the poor widow of Zarephath.  God also provides for you and me.

During a time when getting by is on everyone’s mind, we’d do well to keep our sights set on God’s provision.  Trusting in God for our daily provision puts us at the very place he wants us to be.  By trusting God in this way, our relationship with him will become strong and certainly more secure.  God will provide and with his help we will get through this, and not just get through it but overcome.  Scarcity will give way to provision, in fact, that is already happening.  We just need the eyes of faith to see that.

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Passage: I Kings 17:7-16

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