: Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos

July 21, 2019

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our series, "Champions of the Church."

Priscilla and Aquila were true servants of Christ and his Church.  They were willing to do whatever it took to see that the Kingdom was furthered.  They often served behind the scenes and were content not to be the center of attention.  God, though, was a part of what they did and blessed it.  They were tentmakers by trade but were always about ministry.  The important thing here for us is that God uses people like you and me to make sure his purposes are done.

Apollos was a commanding personality.  He had a heart for the Lord, but as the scripture record, he only knew the baptism of John.  Priscilla and Aquila filled in the blanks for Apollos and offered a full account of salvation in Jesus Christ.  As commanding as Apollos was, he undoubtedly possessed a humility that allow him to submit to the teaching of Priscilla and Aquila.  He realized he didn’t have it all figured out and he went on to reap a great harvest for the Kingdom.  The important thing for us here is that humility goes a long way toward us growing in a full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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Passage: Acts 18:18-28

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