: Living Generously

November 10, 2019

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our sermon series "Our Grateful Response."

Living generously is a mark of a true disciple.  We come by that honestly.  Jesus gave and gave and gave again.  He offered himself, even to the point of dying on the cross, so that we might benefit.  Because Christ gave, we find ourselves in a much better place to give as well.

Living generously reflects God’s good work in our lives.  God blesses us immensely.  He meets our every need.  God always provides.  As we experience that, we can do no other but return praise and thanksgiving his way.  We seek to offer him a Grateful Response.  Offering him our time, talent, and treasure is a great way to offer him praise.  Offering him our very lives is as well.  In the end that’s exactly what he wants us to do.

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Passage: I Chronicles 29:1-9

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