: Judgement

July 11, 2021

Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series. "Majoring in the Minors" with a message from the prophet Nahum.

The Old Testament can be tough to read at times. Stories of destruction, brutality, assault, and oppression are found throughout. And even harder, sometimes that destruction and annihilation is set forth because of God’s wrath. How do we reconcile God’s judgement and forgiveness? How do we grasp God’s hate of evil with his love of humanity?

God brings the hammer in the Scripture we will be talking about this week. And while it’s important to understand God’s judgement and his desire for justice, we shouldn’t take advantage of the fact that he is slow to anger. We know it’s always best not to test God. The good news is that the hammer isn’t where the story ends.

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Passage: Nahum 1:2-8

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