: Glory

December 6, 2020

Pastor Tom Grieb continues our Advent series "Signs."

God’s glory is all around us and approaches us in surprising ways.  We look for his glory a bit more this season of the year.  We are more alert to his work.  We are more open to his movement in our lives.  In spite of all that works to draw us away, we seek to stay focused on him. 

The glory of the Lord surrounded all that took place in and around the birth of Jesus.  The glory of the Lord shone brightly around the shepherds as they tended their flocks by night.  God’s glory had certainly gotten their attention and drew them to the stable where Christ was born.  Once there the heavenly host was heard singing, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”   Because God’s glory intersected everyday life as it did, those involved couldn’t help but return glory God’s way.  For us, being touched by the glory of God always leads to giving God glory for the great things he has done, particularly when it comes to the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ.

The prophet Isaiah also talked about the glory of God.  It was one of the signs that pointed to the great things God was about to do.  Speaking to a people in exile, the prophet spoke of a day of redemption where all concerned would see “the glory of the Lord.”  We live in a day of redemption as well, and the glory of the Lord is evident,  Our Redeemer, Christ our Lord, is at work in our lives. 

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Passage: Isaiah 35:1-10

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