: Following Christ

August 4, 2019

Pastor Tom Grieb begins our sermon series "Making a Difference."

Having a vision sets us in the direction we need to be going.  When it comes to the church, vision has everything to do with God’s leadership.  For the church, a vision statement is a short, memorable, challenging statement that unfolds God’s preferred future.  That vision statement then draws the church toward that preferred future.

Since the beginning of the year, the Administrative Council has sought God’s direction regarding a vision statement for our church.  In the end, we have said we will be a church that is “making a difference by following Christ, offering hope, serving others, and loving everyone.”  This month we look forward to reflecting on that statement during worship.

In Christ’s call of his first disciples as recorded in Matthew 4:18-22, he says to Peter and Andrew, “Come, follow me.”  His is an invitation not just to Peter and Andrew, but to you and me as well.  It is also an invitation to the church.

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Passage: Matthew 4:18-22

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