: Do Not Worry

July 19, 2020

Pastor Ashlee Adkins continues our series "From the Mount."

This week we visit a familiar passage from Matthew 6:25-34; one that states, “Do not worry.”  For some, those words only bring more anxiety because worry is a way of security; for others, they wonder why people do worry, because they feel as though they are in control--well, until they aren’t.

Jesus modeled a way of life for us to follow – one that was simple, devoted to others, and aimed for righteousness. Worry gets in the way of being disciples. After all, as Christians, we have the hope and assurance that we serve the King of Kings; his kingdom come. What do we have to worry about? Jesus says absolutely nothing. So how do we live life worry-free?

I hope we can discover together how to apply this beautiful goal to our lives so we can become more devoted disciples who are willing to risk it all to follow Christ.

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Passage: Matthew 6:25-34

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