: Bearing Good Fruit

August 9, 2020

Pastor Tom Grieb concludes our From the Mount series.

We wrap up our study of the Sermon on the Mount this Sunday with Jesus challenging us about the direction of our lives.  He states that wide is the gate that leads to destruction.  It is the gate chosen by far too many.  Jesus also talks about another gate,  It’s the narrow gate that, while relatively few chose to walk through, leads to new life.  How we choose not only has consequences for this life, but for the next.

From there Jesus goes on to talk about false prophets and how we need to be on the lookout for them.  What they say has a certain appeal, but their lives just don’t measure up.  Jesus asserts that when it comes to those who speak into our lives, we need to consider the fruit they bear, more than any flowered speech they might make.

Jesus doesn’t stop there.  He goes on and challenges us to consider our own lives.  We too need to consider the fruit we bear.  If we seek to faithfully offer ourselves to Christ, we will bear the sort of fruit that befits those who are given over to him.  We will also find ourselves joyfully walking through a narrow gate that promises abundant life now and eternal life later on.

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Passage: Matthew 7:13-23

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