Serving Others

Bread of Life Food Pantry at Grace & Glory

St John Contact: Peggy Larger

Oldham County is the richest county in all of Kentucky, and yet there are people in our own back yards who go hungry. There are nearly 7,000 people in our county who are food insecure. Last year, people in Oldham County missed more than 1,000,000 meals because they simply could not afford them. This should not be. That is why Grace and Glory Lutheran Church has partnered with Dare to Care, Kentucky Harvest, and local farmers to work to eliminate hunger in our community. Each month the Bread of Life food pantry serves 1,000 or more people.

Donations of non-perishable foods and monetary gifts are always welcome. Likewise, we openly welcome those that would like to assist in stocking shelves, distributing food, collecting contributions and a variety of other tasks. Please contact the Grace & Glory church office at (502) 228-0650 to discuss opportunities on how you can help or visit their website for more information.

Grace & Glory food pantry
Dare to Care Food Bank

Dare to Care

St John Contact: Diane Fowler

Dare to Care’s mission is to lead our community to feed the hungry and conquer the cycle of need. Dare to Care partners with nearly 300 local social service agencies, such as food pantries, shelters and emergency kitchens to distribute food to our community. In the past year, Dare to Care and their partners provided 19.9 million meals to our community.
A group of St John volunteers work at the Dare to Care warehouse the third Tuesday morning of each month. To learn about other volunteer opportunities, visit

G.O. Ministries

St John Contact: Lee Mizell

G.O. Ministries seeks to empower passionate, local leaders serving inside their cultures to REDEEM people, RENEW communities and RESTORE creation by developing dynamic international, mutually transformational partnerships.

Through local leaders, GO Ministries serves thousands of people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mongolia, and urban America. We do so primarily through church planting, nutrition centers, medical clinics, sports outreach, primary schools, ongoing training, water purification projects, and kingdom businesses.

For volunteer opportunities go to or call (502) 493-9846.

GO Ministries
Grace Kids

Grace Kids: A Church for Children

St John Contact: Tara Batson

Located downtown near Churchill Downs. Grace Kids meet on Fridays, 6:00-7:30 pm (Family Fun Night), Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 pm (small groups) and Sundays,3:30-5:00 pm. They need meals and snacks. The biggest need is meals on Fridays. Volunteers are welcome during these times to just be a friend to the children by playing Legos, working a puzzle or listening to them talk about their day.

To volunteer contact Grace Kids at (502) 361-1800. Find out more at their website,

Henderson Settlement

St John Contact: Mark Olive

Henderson Settlement is always looking for work teams throughout the year, especially winter, spring, and fall months. They have opportunities for individuals and couples on
an extended basis. Some folks have a week, a couple weeks, or a month at a time to be in ministry in this part of Appalachia. Work varies including landscaping, cleaning, home
repair, building, etc.

To request more specific information about volunteer opportunities, visit their website, or email Jerry Lambdin at

Henderson Settlement Sign
High Point


St John Contact: Mark Olive

HighPoint (formerly Mission Crestwood) volunteers enjoy a safe, family-friendly service environment. Food and clothing distribution, sort goods, greeting clients and specific projects at the facility are among the many opportunities to serve.  Operating hours are Mondays & Saturdays, 10-12 noon; Thursdays 4:30-8pm. Additional volunteer assistance outside of operating hours is welcome, as well as scheduled or drop-in volunteers are always welcome. Adults are requested to accompany children under 18 yrs. of age.

For more information, find out more at their website, or call HighPoint at (502) 713-7090.

Hope Health Clinic

St John Contact: Lana Rice

Volunteer opportunities this summer include long term office volunteers and painting. The following specialists are needed locally to see 1 to 2 patients a month: Neurology,
Nephrology, Endoscopy, Psychiatry. The Hope Health Clinic handles all the paperwork.

For more information contact Janet Warren at (502) 225-6711 or email

Hope Health Clinic
KY United Methodist Children's Homes

Kentucky United Methodist Home for Children and Youth in Nicholasville

St John Contact: Barby Bricker

The Kentucky United Methodist Homes for Children and Youth are be a Christ-centered ministry of hope for the healing and wholeness of children and families. Formerly located in Versailles, they recently built a brand-new campus in Nicholasville which features state-of-the-art residential facilities and the opportunities to collaborate
with one the best alternative education systems in the state.

For volunteer opportunities, visit


St John Contact: Mark Culler

Kontaktmission is a Europe-based, decentralized, rapidly-growing, flexible, and friendly mission movement. Kontaktmission is a networked mission movement empowering Christians worldwide to live out their God-given callings, and sending them out for the building up of His church. The mission of Kontaktmission is to send missionaries to areas with little or no Christian witness and to train and support local workers in order to establish self-supporting churches, which will then send missionaries to plant churches.

For more information go to or if you are interested in going on a GoConnect short trip or internship, contact their office administrative assistant, Emily Wright, at You can also call the office at (731) 784-9422.

Lighthouse at Newberg

Lighthouse Academy

St John Contact: Ellis Batson

The mission of Lighthouse Academy at Newburg is to provide youth in the community a safe place to learn and grow through educational, spiritual, and economic programs. Lighthouse Academy provides a free after school program for elementary and middle school students from the Newburg area. We focus on homework completion, reading, and math tutoring. After homework and tutoring, children may participate in any of their free enrichment programs.

Volunteer tutors are needed to help children with their homework, one-on-one reading, Kid’s Café, Supervised Gym Activities and Art Classes (Monday-Thursday from 2:30pm-6:30pm; background check required). For more information contact Cynthia Overall at 502-964-5909. Volunteers are also needed for the Tuesday Study Buddy program where you spend 1 hour a month with a K-3rd grader on Tuesdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm.. You will work with the same student each month by helping them with their homework, reading with them, playing games with them and being an encouragement to them.

For more information go to, contact the Lighthouse office at (502) 964-5909 or e-mail them at

Oldham Clinic at LaGrange Baptist Church

St John Contact: Mark Olive

Working with Touched Twice, the Oldham Clinic is a one-day event which unites churches from all over Oldham County in an effort to provide medical, dental, and vision care, a food pantry, a clothes closet, a warm meal, and more to those who need help.

The clinic is held annually in August. For more information go to

Oldham County Health Clinic
Portland Promise Center

Portland Promise Center

St John Contact: Ellis Batson

Portland Promise Center’s mission is to enrich the lives of children and youth physically, educationally, and spiritually. TheirVision is for Portland to be a productive community with a generation that is equipped to face life’s challenges with a deep rooted understanding of who Christ is and what he has done for them.

Their goal is to provide individuals and families with the resources they need to anchor their lives to a firm foundation of Christian faith and to build futures filled with hope.

For volunteer opportunities, visit or email Michael Matala at

United Methodist Mountain Mission

St John Contact: Barby Bricker

This vision of this ministry is to provide good usable clothing and household items, moderately priced, which the residents of the area can affordably obtain. The income received from the sale of the used clothing and other goods is used to support the mission, pay the wages of the employees, and supplement the salaries of the ministers in the two parish churches; provide a source of employment for the people of the area. The Mission currently supports and provides such employment to 70 families; Be involved in the spiritual growth of the people in the community through the financial support of two local United Methodist churches.

For volunteer or additional information email or call (606) 666-7795.

Methodist Mountain Missions

Gate of Hope

St John Contact: Mark Olive

Gate of Hope Ministries exists to create an environment where East African individuals, families and communities are  equipped and empowered to live out a more spiritually fulfilled, socially connected, and economically stable life in order to holistically transform their communities and  nations. Gate of Hope Ministries concentrates its activities in Rwanda, a country about the size of the state of Maryland, focusing on widows of the genocide, people with HIV/AIDS, orphans, and vulnerable children and their families.

For more information, call (502) 381-0711, or visit their website,

Thailand Methodist Mission Logo

Thailand Methodist Missions

St John Contact: Carmen Cantrell

Thailand Methodists Missions aims to be catalysts to assist Thai Christian churches and organizations to multiply and to thrive in fulfilling the Great Commandment, Great Commission, and the Great Jubilee.

For more information, email Mike and Sherri Morrissey at, or visit their website,

Red Cross Angel Tree Project

St John Contact: Tara Batson

Each year at Christmas, St John partners with the Oldham County Red Cross to purchase Christmas gifts for children in needy families. We also provide a box of food for each family. Volunteers can pick an ornament off the Angel Tree to purchase a specific gift for a child. We also need volunteers to deliver the gifts, usually the weekend before Christmas. Sign-ups begin in late November each year.

For other volunteer opportunities with the red cross, visit

Prodigal Ministries

Contact: Jennifer Partin

Prodigal Ministries is a Christian Aftercare Program offering transitional housing for men and women straight out of prison. Their mission is to help them become self-sufficient and avoid prison return with Christ as their primary support system, enabling them to rejoin their families and loved ones. Prodigal Ministries gives hope to newly-released men & women, providing critical support such as housing, job training, and counseling that significantly increase their chances of not returning to prison.

Volunteer opportunities include providing meals on a one-time or regular basis, staying and sharing them or just dropping off meals, sharing activities like taking a few of clients out for a movie, some conversation and a bite to eat or cup of coffee, driving clients to Church, Bible Studies, counseling sessions, appointments, worksite, school, 12-Step
Groups and other important destinations, helping out during the holidays by making it possible for clients to be with their families or to prepare gifts for their loved ones, leading or being a member in meetings at one of the three houses for Bible Study or a 12-Step Program, helping with fundraisers, helping with building projects, yard repairs and maintenance, organizing yard sales to raise money, and helping gather donations for the houses and for furnishing the homes of clients when they leave to go out on their own.

To inquire about current volunteer opportunities, please contact Pat Blandford at or call the Director of Programs and Volunteers at (502) 222-2389 for more