Elementary (K-5th grade)

Our children’s programming is offered 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 am each Sunday. We love the opportunity to share Jesus’ love and truth with our Children.

In the month of August, we will be talking about obedience. We define obedience as trusting whose in charge by doing what you are asked to do. The more our children learn to trust God, the more they will love Him and the more obedient they will want to be to Him.

God is the creator of the world. He’s in charge of everything. We show that we trust God by obeying Him and His plan for our life. Jesus showed the ultimate act of obedience when He chose to obey His Father’s plan to die for our sins. We will be looking at the Biblical stories of the Fall of Mankind in the garden of Eden, Noah and the building of the Ark and Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice Isaac in his obedience to God. Please have your children join us for these important life lessons.

Our memory verse this month is : “The way we show God’s love is to obey His commands. He obeys you to live a life of love. That’s what you have heard from the beginning.” 2 John 6


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